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Poster: conv Date: Feb 21, 2006 9:27am
Forum: netlabels Subject: [cnv28] Rodrigues, Sehnaoui, Sehnaoui - sable .ep

Ernesto Rodrigues has, of all players in the field of non-idiomatic improv, been the most manifest on the internet, with what is now already his third net-label release (also having his music out on ctrl-alt-canc and Stasisfield). Within this present constellation (together with Libanese avantists Christine & Sharif Sehnaoui) a musical universe is conjured which, lacking any figurative tendencies, can be characterised as a very hylic affair - dealing as it does with the 'lowest' portion of musical matter, letting for no instance of sublimation. The grittiness, the very elemental quality of the sonorities are something of a very coarse-definition blow-up of the respective instrument's material properties (being violin, guitar & saxophone), a white-noise produced by solely analogue mechanics. Under the stress & strain of several extended techniques the acoustic possibilities that these instruments intrinsically possess are elicited from the marrow of their material structure, which is not a pretty picture. It is, in fact, not a picture at all, but rather an instance of the deconstruction of Maya.

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Poster: LAJ Date: Feb 21, 2006 10:13am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Re: [cnv28] Rodrigues, Sehnaoui, Sehnaoui - sable .ep

Excellent EP - really enjoyable listening. I admire this artist's work.

Links to forementioned releases to form an extended trilogy of exceptional listening (with Prisma being closer sytlistically to Sable EP).

Ernesto Rodrigues and Hans W. Koch - Nostalgia

01 Percezione del mondo (10.26)
02 1+1=1 (07.44)
03 Memorie di pietra (13.43)
04 Acqua (05.44)

Ernesto Rodrigues - Prisma

01 A (4.45)
02 B (5.45)
03 C (6.58)

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